DB Shoes

Many people feet are not only long but also wide. Often, the problem is also shoe vamp, not enough high. Also older people sometimes have swollen feet especially in summer. In such cases, it is difficult to find suitable shoes because they are too narrow. People tend to buy a larger size that is too long for them to fit in width.

Shop Apavi 40+ has been cooperating with UK wider shoes brand DB Shoes for 10 years. DB Shoes is UK brand established in 1920 specializes in the design and manufacture of wide, extra wide fitting footwear.
The models are also deeper than ordinary footwear, with higher vamp to fit. Some shoe models have removable insoles (also for some sandals we have removable insoles so you can place custom made orthopedic insoles). Removable insoles are also useful when the shoes need extra depth. 

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